"For upgrading infrastructure, AutoDCR application will not be available from 1900 Hours on 18/02/2017 till 1900 Hours on 21/02/2017. Inconvenience is regretted."
"The SRM e-tendering will not be available to MCGM users from 9:00 P.M. to 7 A.M." **
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  Invoice Submission    
  Major Projects  
Latest system update requirement for SRM e-tendering :
Computer Operating system minimum configuration : MS Windows XP Service Pack 03
e-Tendering/e-Quotations Manuals :
नोंदणी नियमावली २०१६ - सूचना Migration of SAP-SRM from IBM-AIX Platform to Intel-VMware-Linux Platform-Downtime for migration from 2200 hrs on21.01.2017 till 1000 hrs on 2.2.2017
Registration Rules Booklet 2016
Instructions to Vendors
Training to Vendors regarding online payment of EMD/ASD
Vendor Registration Form
User Manual for Vendors - Item Rate Bidding Process
User Manual for Vendors - Registration Process
User Manual for Vendors - Percentage Rate Bidding Process
Manual of procurement
Circular on improved procurement guidelines
Revised basic norms for registration of RMC plants w.e.f. 01.07.2011
Special clause for Asphalting/Cement Concrete works
GCC for CWC works
Sample contract agreement for CWC works
Tender sample testing/verification for various medicines, medical devices etc.
Sample Contract Agreement for e-Quotation and Unstar Tenders
Sample Letter of Acceptance From Successful Bidder for e-Quotation and Unstar Tenders
Sample Letter of Acceptance of offer by MCGM for e-Quotation and Unstar Tenders
नोंदणी नियमावली 2015
Medicine Product Registration Process
Schedule Copy of Medicine Product Registration Process
CWC E-quotation / Unstar Tender Circular No. Dir(IT)/8693 dt. 24.12.2012
CWC E-quotation / Unstar Tender Circular No. IT Dept/6969 Dt. 08.11.2012
Circular regarding the Temporary changes in the functionality pertaining to Digital Signature Signing for the Bid Creator, Bid Approver and Bidder

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